Why Not Using a Secure Shredding Service Could Cost Your Organization

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Think you’re saving money and keeping your confidential information safe by shredding your own documents? You may be shocked to find out how much you’re risking — and what it could actually cost you. And if you’re simply recycling them, that’s even less secure. Here’s why: 

You’re at tremendous risk for a security breach.

The cost of not having a secure document disposal solution in place is extremely risky. It could cost you not only your customers and associated revenue, but also your good business reputation.
Check out these facts:

  • Inconsistent policies and procedures.
  • It is estimated that the average data breach will cost a company $3.62 million.
  • In fact, 82% of executives surveyed worldwide experienced a fraud incident in the past year compared to 75% in 2015.

Recycling your confidential documents is even riskier.

If you recycle your confidential information, or simply throw documents into the garbage, you’re making a very risky choice.
Consider that:

  • Entire documents full of private information are leaving your premises.
  • The content in your documents or eMedia is completely visible or accessible for anyone to handle and steal.

In-house shredders aren’t secure — or productive.

It’s not just the equipment you may be using.
Think of everything else that shredding your own documents involves:

  • Strip shredding isn’t secure because those documents can be pieced back together.
  • Using your own employees to do your shredding is time-consuming and equals lost productivity for your core business operations.
  • You’re leaving it up to your employees to decide what is — and isn’t — confidential information.
  • Surprisingly, 64% of data breaches are caused by human error, either by an external vendor or by an employee.

Make Shred-it® Your Go-To Partner for Secure Document Destruction

Switch to a single, secure and expert vendor for all your document destruction needs. Shred-it has the largest geographical footprint in the world of any shredding vendor, operating in 170 markets on five continents. We consistently service the greatest number of business addresses in North America. And those aren’t the only reasons to choose Shred-it as your shredding vendor:

We are the document destruction experts.

Protecting your confidential information is our top priority — because secure destruction is all we do.

  • Why would you trust your company’s reputation with any process that leaves you vulnerable to information security breaches?
  • Our proprietary technology and procedures exceed industry standards.
  • Shred-it employees are highly trained security experts.

Our secure shredding solution provides you with peace of mind.

We use a consistent approach to information destruction across all locations, through our secure, step-by-step process:

  • Shred-it consoles are constructed so that documents can’t be removed after they’re deposited.
  • Your Shred-it security-trained expert arrives on schedule for pick-ups.
  • We destroy your documents inside our mobile truck — right at your location — and you can watch the process.
  • You receive a Certificate of Destruction after each service, guaranteeing your documents have been securely destroyed. 

Save administrative time and boost your productivity.

By working with just one knowledgeable service provider for document destruction, your organization can:

  • Simplify and streamline your shredding and Media destruction services.
  • Eliminate equipment and storage space needed for shredding documents.
  • Take advantage of planning guidance from our security experts.
  • Choose from on-demand, regular or customized service.
  • Sign one agreement for your entire organization.
  • Enjoy convenient, consolidated invoicing that itemizes all charges.
  • Save employee time for more productive tasks and your core business. 

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