Shredding Events in Your Community

Protect your personal information and destroy your confidential documents, such as old tax returns, credit card receipts, legal documents, and more, at one of our paper shredding events near you.

What is a Community Shred-it Event?

Consumer fraud and identity theft are putting communities at risk. To raise awareness and to promote privacy protection, Shred-it organizes free and fee-based Community Shred-it events, offering paper shredding for residents.

Free Shredding Events

Community Shred-it event is often ‘free’ to residents who are invited to bring a box or two of confidential papers that need to be securely destroyed.

Fee-Based Shredding Events

Some Community Shred-it events are planned to help raise funds for a charity, creating multiple benefits. Community members who bring documents for secure shredding might be asked for a small donation to the charity.

One-Time Pick-up Services

Our One Time shredding service can help you clear out the clutter and protect your information. Learn More.

Drop-off Services

Our convenient drop off document shredding service is just around the corner. Find a Drop Off Shredding Service Near You.

Frequently Asked Community Shredding Event Questions

Community Shred-it events raise awareness about identity theft and fraud by reminding community members about the importance of securely destroying personal documents. Shred-it partners with organizations all over North America to host local events where people can destroy their personal documents. Some of our shredding events also partner with local charities where donations are collected for a worthy cause.

To find out when the next Community Shred-it event takes place in your area, just use the search for upcoming events up above on this page.

After the paper has been securely shredded, the confetti-sized pieces are bundled and recycled into paper products.

Free shredding is a misconception. Some providers may offer you the cost savings, but they do so at the expense of your security, by cutting corners and exposing your confidential information. At Shred-it, we offer a Secure Chain of Custody with our services, from start to finish. So you know you’re always protected.

Community Shred-it Events

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