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Regularly Scheduled Paper Shredding Service

With Shred-it secure document destruction, all documents are destroyed and recycled, safely and securely using our tamper-proof containers. With a regularly scheduled paper shredding service, you’re protected every day.

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Get the unique benefits of a Regularly Scheduled Document Shredding Service

  • Free on-site Risk Assessment
  • Regularly scheduled pick-ups
  • On-site or Off-site service available to meet your document shredding needs
  • MyShred-it customer portal helping you manage your account
  • Secure, locked containers in your office
  • State-of-the-art Secure Chain of Custody at every touchpoint
  • A Certificate of Destruction after every service
  • Complimentary Workplace Privacy Policies
  • All shredded paper is 100% securely recycled
Secure Chain of Custody Technology

How the Shred-it Secure Chain of Custody Works

Our better-than-industry standards start with our secure chain of custody protocols. We invest in the latest technologies to ensure end-to-end tracking of your documents:

  • Barcode scan at every touchpoint
  • Tamper-proof consoles keep hands off documents
  • Locked trucks and secure totes keep documents safe in transit
  • GPS-tracked fleets
  • Secure, monitored facilities
Shred-it worker standing behind secure paper shredding bin

Get Proof of Protection.

Following every document shredding service, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction confirming that your material has been securely destroyed. More than peace of mind, your Certificate of Destruction is proof that your information is no longer at risk and your business is compliant with relevant privacy laws.

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Shred-it Document Security is more than paper shredding.

Shred-it custom configures the right document security program to meet each customer's needs.
The Shred-it Information Security Risk Assessment
Conducted onsite by a trained document security consultant, this assessment identifies risk areas and provides recommendations to mitigate them.

Awareness Training
A well informed, trained employee can reduce your risk almost immediately.

Complimentary Workplace Privacy Policies
Document Management policies, Clean Desk policies and our proprietary Shred-it All policies help maintain information security.

Secure, Locked Consoles
Deployed throughout the workplace replace trash cans and recycling bins making it easy for your employees to maintain your information security.

All documents are destroyed on a regular schedule
A Certificate of Destruction issued after every service ensures a proof of compliance with privacy laws.

MyShred-it Customer Portal
24/7 access to conveniently manage your Shred-it account, from scheduling services, to pay bills, to reviewing invoices and more.


Information has never been more valuable. And the need to protect it has never been more important.

Choose the information security partner who can help you meet the growing information security challenges facing your organization. With industry-leading information security services, Shred-it helps protect your reputation, your revenue, and your business by focusing on your paper shredding needs.

Security Expertise
With 30 years of secure document destruction expertise, an end to end secure chain of custody, Shred-it's primary focus on document security ensures your confidential information remains confidential.   

Service Reliability
Whether you’re a large-scale national enterprise or one of thousands of small businesses across North America, you can put the power of the largest paper shredding fleet and the largest service footprint in North America to work for you.  
Customer Experience
From a range of self-service options and customizable document destruction solutions to responsive, dedicated, customer service support, Shred-it is 100% committed to your protection.  
We protect what matters.


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Step 3

We arrive on the scheduled date, collect your confidential information, and securely destroy it.

Step 4

All services come with a Certificate of Destruction for your records.  All paper documents are securely recycled.

Paper Shredding Service

Secure document destruction service from the leader in information security.

Hard Drive & Media Destruction Service

Only physical destruction of digital media ensures confidential information stays confidential.

Specialty Shredding Service

From pill bottles to identity cards, specialty shredding destroys information wherever it’s found.

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