How to Choose a Shredding Company

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Did you know that 64% of data breaches are caused by human error, either by an external vendor or by an employee.

Employees are often uninformed about the type of information that needs to be protected. That is why it is very important that you get expert assistance when it comes to ensuring the privacy and safety of your business documents.

When making your decision, use the following checklist when looking for a document shredding provider:

  • Has an excellent reputation and can provide references
  • Understands laws, especially as they pertain to your industry
  • Employs personnel that have undergone rigorous training and a background check
  • Offers a FREE security risk assessment
  • Provides secure, locked containers for documents prior to destruction
  • Shreds all documents in a secure area where the document handler is the only one with access
  • Gives you the option of watching the document destruction and provides a Certificate of Destruction
  • Uses cross-cut shredders and can accommodate other media types such as CDs and disks
  • Recycles all shredded documents

By following this checklist when you research potential document destruction providers, you will be able to make an informed choice about whom to use… and who may be a cut-rate provider that’s not really providing you a secure solution.

“Very friendly drivers, they are in and out in less than five minutes. They shred your items on site and will go out of their way to save you some money.”

— Envirotech Industries

“Always cooperative, always on schedule, always efficient, always courteous. Great company.”

— Bell Canada - London (Colborne)

“Shred-it services are easy, fast, and reliable. We appreciate their friendly service, too!”

— APS Healthcare

Why choosing Shred-it® just makes sense.

You’ll find that Shred-it provides the most secure and efficient confidential information destruction service in the industry.

Industry-specific knowledge:

Shred-it’s experts are knowledgeable about information security legislation and best practices to help protect your reputation.

Secure shredding:

  • Shred-it installs locked containers in your facility. All documents that need to be destroyed are deposited in them.
  • Only a Shred-it security-screened specialist removes your documents from the locked containers.
  • Your documents are destroyed either at your location or at our secured facility.
  • After each service, we provide you with an official Certificate of Destruction for your records, as proof your documents were securely destroyed.

Multiple shred sizes: ‚Äč

Our proprietary cross-cut shredders securely and completely destroy your documents. We offer three levels of shred size for you to choose from based on your security needs.

Time and money savings:

Your employees will have more time to spend on other priorities, and documents are not left unprotected while waiting to be shredded. Your confidential information is never sorted prior to shredding.

A trusted leading expert:

Shred-it has the world’s largest geographic footprint of any shredding vendor, with more than 140 offices on five continents

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