April 03, 2018

Spring Clean Incentive: Why a Community Shred-it Event is a Great Idea

Community Shredding Event at San Diego County Credit Union
Why not kick-off spring cleaning this year with a Community Shred-it event and partner with a document destruction company to provide secure paper shredding services for the community? On the specified day of the event, a mobile paper shredding truck will park in an easy-to-access location, such as a shopping center parking lot, and community members can have the opportunity to bring their confidential and personal documents for secure and environmentally-responsible destruction.

Benefits of Community Shredding Events

Office Spring Cleaning

Decluttering the office (and home) is a great information security strategy because loose confidential documents get cleaned up and are no longer left out exposed. Research has shown decluttering also helps improve productivity and the bottom line. The 2017 Consumer Cleaning Insights Survey by P&G Professional showed that 92% of consumers said retail and office cleanliness was one reason why they decided to remain a customer. Schedule spring cleaning, and implement a Clean Desk Policy to keep things tidy.

Enhanced Information Security

Identity theft is one of the biggest concerns in and out of the workplace. Over 791 million identities were stolen in the U.S. in 2016, according to a recent Symantec report. Any document that includes personal information such as name, address, and account numbers, can be used by information thieves. A Community Shred-it event puts the spotlight on keeping confidential documents out of garbage and recycling bins, and securely shredding them first.    

Improved Company Reputation in the Community

Having a goodwill event demonstrates that a company cares about its community. Promote the event, and invite the public and local business community to bring a box or two of confidential documents that need to be destroyed. Consider asking for a minimal fee or a small donation that will go to a local charity. Contact local media outlets about the Community Shred-it event too, and invite community members to post pictures on social media.  

Sustainability in the Workplace

Statistics show that the average office worker still uses over 10,000 pieces of copy paper a year. According to a recent online post, the average American household receives 848 pieces of junk mail per household, equal to 1.5 trees every year. A professional document destruction company will securely shred documents, and then bundle up the confetti-sized pieces and have them recycled. Shred-it reports that every ton of recycled paper saves 17 trees, 380 gallons of oil, 3 cubic yards of landfill space, 4000 KWs of energy, and 7,000 gallons of water.

Improved Employee Morale

Helping others reflects well on a company and its workforce. Employees who are proud of their organizations are three times more likely to be happy – and more productive – at work, a recent survey by recruitment agency Robert Half found.

Secure Shredding Education

Partnering with a recognized and trustworthy company means everyone will learn about the process. Shred-it has security-trained specialists and a secure chain of custody that includes locked consoles for the workplace, and secure shredding. The company uses industrial grade shredders and cross-cut technology to destroy confidential documents.

Start Protecting Your Business

To learn more about how Shred-it can protect your documents and hard drives, please contact us to get a free quote and security risk assessment.