Drop-Off Document Destruction Services Near You

Our drop-off document destruction and disposal services provide a convenient way to securely dispose of confidential documents. Find a drop off shredding location near you.

What makes drop-off document destruction services different from other disposal services?

If you don’t have a large enough volume of documents for on-site disposal, drop off shredding will be the ideal service for you. Be it a home office, small business or an individual, anyone can find the nearest drop off shredding location in Canada to take advantage of secure document destruction at your convenience.

How does drop off document destruction work?

Drop off your documents at any of the locations from our nationwide network of branches in Canada. Your documents will first be weighed and then you will receive the quote for destruction. Once confirmed, your documents are placed in our security consoles or Shred-it bins for safe destruction.

Paper piling up in your home office?

Shred-it offers safe, secure document destruction shredding services. Drop off your confidential documents for destruction at a location close to you, and rest assured that they’ll be safely and securely destroyed. Ideal for paper volumes that aren’t quite large enough for a one-time or regular document destruction service.

Current branch walk-in hours may vary. Please contact your local branch to confirm.