October 30, 2018

Good Riddance Day 2018: 5 Shred-Worthy Memories to Say Goodbye to

As the year draws to a close, it's the perfect time to say goodbye to something you no longer want to keep, whether it’s a bad habit, your paid off mortgage papers (finally!), or an embarrassing old photo. 

Shred-it and Times Square New Year's Eve are once again teaming up for Good Riddance Day, to help you say goodbye to unwanted memories with free commemorative destruction services on December 28, 2018 on the Broadway plazas in New York City. If you don't live in NYC, you can enter our Good Riddance Day contest for a chance to win a trip for two to shred your bad memories live in New York. 

Not sure which memories might be shred-worthy? Here are 5 things you may want to say good riddance to this year:

  1. A relationship that sunk: Nothing says "I've moved on" like shredding love letters, or photos of your ex into tiny, confetti-shaped pieces.
  2. Credit card bills: Credit card statements can be a record of everything that's happened in your life - so what better way to say good riddance to bad memories than to shred them? Bonus: shredding these will help keep them out of potential fraudsters' hands.  
  3. Medical records: Winning the battle against a serious illness or injury is something to be proud of, and shredding record of it is a good way to clear out the bad memories and start 2019 fresh.
  4. Your fears: Have you overcome an obstacle this year? Whether you've conquered your fear or just taken the first steps, shredding something that reminds you of that experience can help keep those bad memories - in the past. 
  5. Stress: Whether you've had a tough year at work, or are just tired of clutter piling up, shredding a reminder of a stressful situation can be just the motivation you need to make a change and start 2019 with a clean slate. 

Here's how to enter our Good Riddance Day contest:  

  • Through our Good Riddance Day site: In 500 words or less, tell us what you’d say ‘good riddance’ to and why. Remember, creativity counts!
  • On Facebook or Twitter: In 90 seconds or less, send us a private message with your video telling us what you’d say ‘good riddance’ to and why. Again – creativity counts!

The deadline to submit is Thursday, November 29 at 11:59 PM EST. A panel of judges will award the grand prize winner with a trip to New York City for the opportunity to destroy their item in person on Good Riddance Day and to ring in the New Year in style in Times Square! Be sure to enter early - we will also randomly draw four weekly prizes, valued at $50, in addition to the Grand Prize draw.

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