Service Fees

Schedule of Ancillary Charges

1. $75 includes first 3 containers, then $10 each additional container

Recycling Recovery Surcharge

Effective August 2019, Shred-it will be implementing a recycling recovery surcharge that is applicable to document destruction services. This surcharge allows Stericycle to maintain acceptable operating margins in the face of recycling cost increases and/or processed recyclable decreases and is based on the commodity prices in the market.

Recycling Recovery Surcharge calculation methodology

The surcharge is based on a percentage of invoiced document destruction services and will be applied to your invoice subtotal before taxes. It is calculated based on a national average of recovered paper commodity prices and will adjust monthly per published rates from Fastmarket RISI’s Pulp & Paper Index. This surcharge will appear on the invoice as a separate line item.

The percentage is determined using the following table:

Fuel and Environmental Surcharge

Effective January 2008, Shred-it implemented a fuel surcharge that is adjusted monthly based on the Weekly Retail Diesel Pump Price Survey. Shred-it’s fuel surcharge in Canada is indexed to Kent Group (formerly MJ Ervin and Associates)* a company that monitors diesel prices weekly in approximately 65 different Canadian cities.

Fuel and Environmental Surcharge calculation methodology*

Calculation of the fuel surcharge is based on two main factors, the invoice subtotal before taxes and the current price per litre of fuel. Based on the price per litre of fuel, a fuel surcharge percentage is applied to your invoice subtotal before taxes.

The percentage is determined using the following table:

*The Environmental Surcharge is calculated at 4% of the invoice sub-total and is in addition to the Fuel Surcharge.

Calculation example:

If your invoice subtotal is $100, and the 4-week average Weekly Retail Diesel Pump Price is $1.40 / litre, the surcharge would be 18.0% based on the table above.

It is calculated as follows:
Invoice subtotal  $100.00
Fuel surcharge  $18.00 (18.0% * $100 = $18.00)
Environmental Surcharge $4.00 (4.0% * 100 = $4.00)
Subtotal before taxes  $122.00 + applicable taxes

Please note: Due to the timing of fuel surcharge calculations, there may be a small profit made by the company on the fuel surcharge.