December 27, 2017

Decluttering Your Workspace

With a brand-new year just started, you should start afresh and ensure that your workplace remains clutter free. Did you know that messy desks and cluttered workspaces are considered the biggest culprits in putting your confidential information at risk? It makes it so easy for a fraudster just to walk by and steal your data, leaving you to deal with the damage.

Here are 4 tips and that you can use to declutter your workspace and prevent a data breach from happening.

Tip 1 - Organize your desk.

Post-it notes, PowerPoint slides, contracts, and meeting minutes all contain confidential data. Don't leave these documents on your desk. Determine how important they are to your work by organizing them into three categories: "useless", "sometimes used", and "regularly used" then securely dispose of the "useless" documents and neatly file away the rest.

Tip 2 - Digitize your files and back them up regularly.

This makes them easier to organize and to share if needed. In addition, ensure that these documents are encrypted so that if they do get in the wrong hands, fraudsters won't be able to access the information. And be sure to back up these files so that information does not get lost and is available when needed.<

Tip 3 - Use the one-in-one-out rule.

Try to get rid of the old every time you get something new. For example, if you were to get a new hard drive, securely dispose of the old one right away. This will prevent you from stockpiling and helps to keep your workplace clear.

Tip 4 - Implement a Clean Desk Policy

This requires everyone to ensure that their desks are clear each and every time they leave for an extended period, therefore leaving nothing that a fraudster might be looking for.

Just a few simple tips to protect yourself from experiencing a data breach in this new year. It's that easy!

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