July 14, 2021

Knowing When to Shred - a Decision Tree

It can be a challenge to determine which data and information produced by an organization is confidential, and even more difficult to ensure that all of that confidential information is properly stored and disposed of without falling into the wrong hands. Not only is protecting confidential information a best practice, it is required by various laws and legislation. Organizations run the risk of facing hefty fines or penalties if security is compromised. Robust data security practices begin with employee awareness and having the necessary policies, procedures, and safeguards for protecting confidential information.

With 83% of Americans indicating that information security is a top priority for them when choosing who to do business with, it has never been a better time for organizations to take stock of their current information security program to identify any areas of risk, and to make improvements and optimizations that will further improve the security of confidential data and information at your organization.

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