Information breaches happen all the time. Protect your business.

The world relies on information. And most organizations go to great lengths to protect that information from hackers and data thieves. But what about the confidential information found on paper documents? How well does that get protected? Trash cans and recycling bins, documents left on printers and photocopiers, all pose a serious risk to your business information security.

Nearly 88% of all identity theft begins with confidential information taken from the trash or recycling bin.*

Shred-it is the leading provider of safe, secure business information protection that ensure confidential information found on paper never gets into the wrong hands.

Here’s what you get with Shred-it

Our trained consultants work with each customer to develop a custom, effective, and affordable information security protection program designed to keep their confidential information safe and reduce their information security risk.

1. Regularly-scheduled Document Destruction service ensures that your confidential information is always secure. Once a document has served its purpose it goes directly into our tamper-proof containers, conveniently placed throughout your workplace, where it remains secure and irretrievable until pick-up day. Even better, all of our shredded paper is 100% recycled.

2. Shred-it Secure Chain of Custody
Our better-than-industry standards start with our secure chain of custody protocols. We invest in the latest technologies to ensure end-to-end tracking of your documents:

  • Barcode scan at every touchpoint
  • Tamper-proof consoles keep hands off documents
  • Locked trucks & secure totes keep documents safe in transit
  • GPS-tracked fleets with route optimization technology
  • Secure, monitored facilities

3. Certification and Documentation of Destruction.
Businesses need to be able to prove that they have destroyed sensitive documents or information to be compliant with various privacy laws. You will receive a Certificate of Destruction after every service proving you are compliant with applicable privacy laws.

4. Expertise in Privacy Legislation and Compliance.
The rules around privacy and confidentiality vary from state to state/province to province and industry to industry. Our consultants are familiar with all the applicable privacy laws and will build a destruction program to ensure your organization is legally compliant.

5. Complementary Workplace Privacy Policies and Procedures for Document and Data Destruction ensure your organization knows how to maintain and destroy documents and other data. Shred-it customers on a regular scheduled service have access to workplace policies designed to ensure your confidential information is protected not only in our consoles, but from creation to disposal.

6. Employee Training.
Using the My Shred-it Customer Portal, you get access to training and resources that will help your employees understand the need for information security and help them know what they can do to ensure your organization’s private information stays out of the wrong hands.

Find out your risk by taking advantage of a FREE Information Security Risk Assessment.

Let us help you with your information security risk management. We’ll assess your organization’s specific risks and provide you with an easy-to-implement solution that will reduce the likelihood of an information breach.

We come to your workplace, conduct a thorough on-site assessment, and provide you with a customized information security solution that will make your business secure.

  • Conducted by one of our trained Customer Security Representatives 
  • We identify your information security risk and provide you with actionable, effective recommendations
  • Free of charge. No obligation.
  • And it takes less than 30 minutes

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About Shred-it solutions.

Shred-it information destruction solutions protect more than 500,000 customers in 17 countries worldwide. With that and 30 years’ experience, our integrated suite of services helps ensure legal compliance and maintains the privacy of your employees, customers, and business.

*Cost of a Data Breach, Ponemon Institute. 2018

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