February 26, 2019

Data Security in the Workplace: How a Risk Assessment Can Protect your Business

March is Fraud Prevention Month in Canada - the perfect time to review your potential security protocols and identify any gaps. A security risk assessment helps determine the level of information security in your organization by identifying security risks and offering tips on how to put a safe and secure information security solution  in place. Not all risk assessments are the same, and only with Shred-it can you get a best-in-class assessment of your business’ needs, and all it takes is 20 minutes of your day.

With Shred-it’s over 30 years of experience, our information security professionals will work with you to create a program that is tailored specifically to the needs of your business. We have hundreds of security experts across North America with knowledge of privacy laws and regulations that are trusted by organizations both large and small for their information security expertise.

We will walk around your location to identify places of risk throughout your facility to ensure that your Shred-it program covers all these areas, outlining how something as basic as a document in a recycling bin, can lead to a breach.

  • Do you have personal shredders? We’ll identify why these are harmful to your business and how they can be easily and affordably replaced with a Shred-it container.
  • Do you have a garbage or recycling bin located in your printer stations? We will look through these specific bins with you, and identify information thrown away that is in fact, confidential. 8 times out of 10 our Shred-it teams finds confidential information tossed unknowingly into the garbage or recycling bins.

  • Papers left on desks or workstations unattended? Our team will point these out while explaining that without a clean desk policy mandating the use of locked drawers/containers, your business is at risk through internal thieves.

This thorough facility assessment will identify all of the information security risks within your workplace – and then provide you with options and solutions to make your workplace safe from an information breach.

After the personalized, on-site review, we’ll customize a plan to your business and budget needs. You’ll then be provided with a copy of the assessment for your records with no obligation, and it’s all free of charge

This short visit could be the most valuable appointment of your day.

To take the next step in securing your workplace, contact us to get a free security risk assessment conducted by one of our trained security risk assessment consultants.