August 27, 2019

De-clutter your workspace and fall forward with an end-of-summer purge

As the summer months come to an end and we start to plan for the fall, this seasonal transition is a good time to declutter your workplace. While we often make time for ‘spring cleaning,’ it is equally important to keep the momentum going throughout the year. This change in temperature is a good time to purge your belongings and get rid of those piles of post-tax and post-vacation paperwork that is taking up room in your home and work office. To help with your end of summer purge, Shred-it is reminding you that a decluttered workspace is not only good for productivity, but it’s also good for your mental health as well.
You might be wondering how a clean workspace can impact your happiness. Studies have shown that unnecessary clutter can often lead to a lack of morale and productivity, not to mention increased privacy risks. Confidential documents that are floating around the office or that are left on a messy desk can often fall into the wrong hands. With that in mind, a summer purge at the office or at home, can help you start fresh for the upcoming year and ensure that no confidential or critical information is being mishandled.

Below are three easy steps to help you declutter your workspace for the fall.

Step 1.) Audit your office documents. Once you have decided to declutter your workspace for the fall, you can start to collect old binders and folders which might have confidential and unnecessary paperwork in it. You might be surprised of all of the unnecessary documents that are collected throughout the year.

Step 2.) Declutter your home office space. . With the gig economy and the increasing popularity of flexible work hours, it is important to not neglect your home office. With that in mind, individuals should collect old electronic devices, USB sticks and other unused paper documents.

Step 3.) Properly dispose of unwanted items. Once you have audited and collected all of your unused paper and electronic devices from both your home and work office, it is important to properly dispose of this information with the help of a professional shredder. When you use the services of a professional shredder, such as Shred-it, you are provided with a Certificate Destruction. This certificate will provide you with the peace of mind knowing that your documents have been safely destroyed.  

At times, the process of clearing unused documents can seem tedious. But in today’s world, you and your business can not afford a data breach. The consequences are severe from both a reputational and monetary stand point. To learn more about decluttering and privacy tips or to book a one-time purging service, visit