May 19, 2020

Shred-it’s Data Protection Report: Looking Back on a Decade of Information Security

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With the 10th annual edition of Shred-it’s much anticipated Data Protection Report set to be released in a short few weeks, it’s time to look back on the decade that was in information security.
Every year, Shred-it’s Data Protection Report (formerly known as the State of the Industry Report) sheds light on trends in data protection practices, and the risks and opportunities that businesses, organizations, and consumers face related to keeping their data secure. The report draws on detailed findings from an in-depth survey of C-suite executives (C-suites) and small business owners across several industries, and members of the public.

How has information security changed over the years?

The landscape has changed dramatically since Shred-it began surveying businesses, organizations, and consumers a decade ago. Key trends include growing consumer concerns and expectations regarding information security, the introduction of major pieces of data security legislation, and the rise of remote working and digital communications. While the work-from home trend has risen steadily over the last decade, the recent COVID-19 pandemic abruptly launched employees into work-from home mode. This has further raised privacy concerns and placed renewed emphasis on the need for remote work data protection practices.

2020 Data Protection Report

Here’s a sneak peak at some insights gleaned from this year’s report. Stay tuned for comprehensive findings once the 2020 Data Protection Report is released.

Businesses are more aware of data security risks – but aren’t necessarily doing enough to protect themselves

Virtually all business leaders think there will be consequences should their organization suffer a data breach. These leaders also acknowledge that more needs to be done to prevent them. There’s nothing better than formal data security training to help employees make the right decisions about protecting information.
One positive sign is the share of SBOs, who say their employees regularly receive training in information security, has more than doubled from 28% to 45% over the past decade. Despite these advances, there is still ample room for improvement. For instance, this year only 27% of SBOs reported that employees receive twice a year or more frequent training on information security. As more and more employees work remotely, and as the sophistication of cyber attackers grows, so too does the need for more frequent and thorough employee training.

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