May 28, 2019

Cyber Criminals are Switching Focus to Businesses: Are you Prepared?


Hackers and fraudsters have a new target, and it’s not your personal bank account or cell phone. Hackers are increasingly targeting businesses and employees due to the large amount of confidential and sensitive information that employees keep with them. Just think about all of the work items that you carry around with you: cellphone, laptop, notebook, USB stick, PowerPoint deck etc. All of these items – both electronic and hard copy – can put you and your business at risk if they get into the wrong hands. 

With that in mind, this week, Shred-it is reminding you of the top four security risks that your business might face – and what to do about them.

First, old electronic devices – even if they have been wiped – can put your business at risk if they get into the wrong hands. Many offices have old electronic devices sitting in storage rooms and IT offices. Those devices need to be securely destroyed in order to protect the company against a data breach. 

Second, outdated corporate rules and regulations. The 2019 workplace is very different than it was a few years ago. We see this with the risk of the open-office concept and ability for employees to work remotely. With employers having to incorporate these new workplace trends in order to retain a talented workforce, it is essential that business leaders update their workplace policies around information security. 

Third, our 2018 Security Tracker confirmed that with the rise of the open office concept, the risk of a data breach also increases. As a result, offices will need to provide staff members with locked consoles to keep documents secure. Employees should not leave documents in the waste bins or recycling bins – they must lock items up – or safely destroy these items - before leaving the office. 

Fourth, employee training. Many offices don’t continuously train their employees throughout the year. In fact, some workplace don’t provide any training to employees on the issue of data security. As a result, employees are unaware that they are putting their organizations at risk. A simple solution is to implement a Shred-it All Policy that requires all employees – regardless of their level –to safely destroy all documents that are no longer needed.  What’s more, all documents that are destroyed are recycled into everyday paper products.

Although it is just as important to protect one’s personal information, businesses are a high-target due to the large amount of financial and sensitive information they hold. Employees need to be aware of these risks and consequences. If they aren’t, they not only put their own personal brand at risk,  their organization could face severe reputational and financial consequences in the event of a data breach.
To learn more about how Shred-it can protect your documents, please contact us to get a free quote and security risk assessment.