How to recognize Social Engineering

Social engineering is the primary way data breaches occur. Learn to recognize some warning signs and stop an attempt in its tracks.

  1. Phishing

      Recognizing phishing

      Phishing can take many forms. The most common is a suspicious email that asks for some form of personal information.

      Be suspicious of any email that asks for things like phone numbers, passwords, logins, or similar information

      Check the sent from email! Phishing emails typically come from outside your organization

      Respond to phishing

      If you suspect an email of being a phish, don't click on anything inside of it! Report the email it your organization's IT team. If the phish is on your personal email, send it to spam.

      Never engage with a phishing email. They can get more information than you think from a simple response

  2. Other Social Engineering


      The easiest way for a bad actor to get into your office is following a regular employee in! Social engineers take advantage of people's willingness to help in order to slip into the building with no one any wiser.

      Don't let anyone in, even if they have a badge. Everyone must scan their badge to enter the building.


      Vishing is a form of phishing that happens over a phone call. Be wary of calls from unknown numbers, and never give personal details away over the phone.