July 19, 2018

6 Reasons Why You Should Host a Community Shred-it Event

One of the most interesting findings of a recent information security report is that many consumers are basing their purchasing decisions today on how well organizations protect confidential data.

The 2018 State of the Industry Report by Shred-it showed that when U.S. consumers choose a bank, 92% consider their track record and data protection policies first, 84% do so when choosing a legal firm, 77% when choosing a hotel and 75% when choosing a car dealer.  

Having a good track record in information security is achieved in different ways. Internally, it’s important to shore up security policies and procedures and make sure there is buy-in at every level of the company. Externally, marketing campaigns including community outreach programs help to build a good reputation and that’s where a Community Shred-it Event can help.

In a Community Shred-it Event, an organization partners with Shred-it to provide safe destruction services to members of a community. On a specified day, a mobile shredding truck will park in a large parking lot or other easy-to-access location and community members will bring paper documents for secure destruction.

Many people keep bank and investment statements and other personal documents long after they need them. But those documents can increase the risk of identity theft if they are stolen.

How Hosting a Community Shredding Event Can Improve Communities

Goodwill within the Community

A Community Shred-it Event is a public service – and a positive marketing opportunity. While the shredding is ‘free’, some events suggest people bring a donation of food or money for a local charity and that’s beneficial to the community and the reputation of your company.

Community Safety

Shredding events are an opportunity for businesses to show the value of keeping critical personal information secure and ensuring documents are properly destroyed when no longer needed - rather than end up in a garbage bin or recycling container. According to a 2018 Harris Poll survey, nearly 15 million consumers experienced identity theft in 2017.

Beneficial Partnerships

Partnering with an established shredding company that has a good reputation for integrity and customer service will put a positive spotlight on your own company.  

Organization Exposure

The event is a perfect vehicle for spreading the message that document security is important. Even if area residents don’t take advantage of the event, passers-by will see that the shredding truck is securely destroying documents, and local media will likely provide print or TV coverage – because it’s a good news story.

Environmental Impact

Shredding events can help communities become greener. The average office worker uses approximately 10,000 sheets of paper every year. By sponsoring a shredding event, a business can help to promote recycling as shredded paper is recycled after the event.


Professional shredding companies utilize cross-cut shredding equipment, which reduces paper to confetti-like pieces that are impossible to put back together. Consumers should be made aware of the fact that this is a much more effective destruction method compared to home shredders and do-it-yourself shredding, which create long strips of paper that can be assembled.

Start Protecting Your Business

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