VLOG | GDPR 7 Things You Should Do to Stay Compliant

Posted  May 24, 2018  by  Shred-it

The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR for short, is a brand-new legislation developed to help protect the confidential data of citizens in the European Union and it comes into effect on Friday, May 25, 2018.

7 Things to Do to Remain GDPR Compliant

Include Data Retention Schedules in Your Policy

Under the GDPR, authorities can ask to review your policies and procedures at any time. Make sure that your policies and procedures include retention schedules for different types of confidential information, outlines of how you will destroy confidential data, and how you will keep an accurate record of what’s being destroyed.

Conduct a Privacy Impact Assessment

A Privacy Impact Assessment is a key component of this new legislation. Conducting this assessment will help you to identify areas of risk within your own organization, ensuring the protection of confidential data at all times.

Get Your Leadership Team Involved in Promoting GDPR Compliance

Use a top-down approach and have your leadership explain to employees the importance of GDPR compliance. Have them explain why it’s important to their job, their processes, and how things will change moving forward. 

Designate a Team to Oversee Data Protection

By ensuring a designated person or a team is held responsible for overseeing data protection and making sure that data protection processes are being followed, the less likely an organization will fall victim to a breach.

Implement a Clean Desk & Shred-it All Policy

Clean Desk and Shred-it All policies ensure that your employees have a clear understanding of how to keep all information secure by reducing clutter and safely destroying information that could get into the wrong hands.

Develop a Data Breach Response Plan

With this new legislation, some breaches are required to be reported within 72 hours. Ensure that you have a simple and well-understood response plan in place. It can help to limit the damage that will occur in the event of a breach.

Consult a Legal Adviser

You should consult a legal adviser to ensure that you fully understand the impact of GDPR on your organization and how to appropriately achieve full compliance.

Start Protecting Your Business

By following these recommendations, you will be well on your way to achieving compliance and protecting what matters to your organization.  Learn more about GDPR and how to ensure you stay compliant with this new legislation.

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