August 20, 2019

Staying Compliant: A Startup's Guide to Privacy Legislation

We live in an increasingly regulated world. Just last year, businesses were introduced to the General Data Protection Regulation that placed an increased onus on organizations to protect the data of EU citizens. And with the number of data breaches in the news becoming more frequent, it appears that this regulated environment will not be going away any time soon.

To help you navigate the regulations, Shred-it has put together a privacy legislation guide to some of the laws as it relates to specific verticals. Although this is not to be taken as legal advice, we are hoping that this will help you understand what you should be looking out for in this era of privacy.

For a full list of Canadian General legislation, you can download the report here.

Canadian General Legislation:

In Canada, the most important pieces of legislation include the Privacy Act and PIPEDA. The Privacy Act applies to most federal government departments and Crown Corporations. The legislation restricts the collection, use, disclosure and disposal of personal information.

PIPEDA applies to all privately owned organizations, except to the extent that provincial legislation applies. The legislation also applies to all federal works and undertakings (banks, telecom, airlines etc.). The regulation places restrictions on the collection, use, disclosure and disposal of personal information as well as providing requirements to provide access to information in certain circumstances.

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