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With more than 400,000 customers world-wide, we’ve got the industry expertise you need.

As the leader in information security and workplace privacy, we have helped business in a wide range of industries and sectors protect one of their most valuable assets: their private, confidential information.

Find out how we can help your organization protect what matters.


We've got your business covered.

No matter what kind of business, no matter how large or small, we are a business best-practice when it comes to keeping confidential information confidential. Find out how we can help your organization protect what matters.

By Industry


Hotels and Hospitality

Learn how paper shredding and document destruction can protect the hospitality industry from the fines, penalties and loss of business that comes with an information breach.

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Learn how we can secure your firm’s confidential information with document destruction, hard drive destruction, and secure recycling.

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Financial Services

Learn how regular paper shredding and periodic clear-out services are essential components to any financial institution’s information security practices.

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Government and Public Service

Learn how our paper shredding services, workplace privacy policies, and secure recycling practices keeps your confidential information out of the wrong hands while protecting the environment.

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Protect your company’s confidential information with our best-in-class document and data destruction services.

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Protect patient privacy while protecting your practice with easy document destruction, paper shredding, and secure recycling service.

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Protect your dealership, your customers, and your reputation with paper shredding and hard drive destruction services from the leader in information security.

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By Role and Responsibility

Human Resources

From workplace privacy policies, to state-of-the-art document destruction, learn how we can help you protect your organization and your employees from an information breach.

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Information Technology Professionals

Learn how information security goes beyond firewalls and help protect your organization from any type of information breach.

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Learn how we can help ensure your business is successful and profitable by making sure your confidential and proprietary information remains safe and secure with paper shredding services, workplace privacy policies, and secure recycling practices.

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By Business Size

Large and Medium

Learn about the tailored services and custom programs we offer medium- and large-size business to help keep them protected from the penalties and consequences of an information breach.

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Get informed. Stay protected.

Keep up-to-date with the latest in workplace privacy news, trends, promotions and best-practices. To review our privacy policy click here.

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