November 12, 2019

Our Commitment to Sustainability and Information Security

At Shred-it, we believe that data protection should be a top priority for all companies, big or small. But we also believe protecting your information should not have to come at the expense of the environment. We are committed to supporting sustainability and providing the most effective information security protocols.

How We Keep Your Data and the Environment Safe 

See below for ways Shred-it keeps your data and the environment safe and how your organization can develop sustainable practices moving forward.

1. Recycling Policies

Despite the rise of digital media, 40% of the waste in landfills today is still paper. Thankfully, recycling paper is a great solution for reducing the environmental impact of paper waste, but also decreases your risk of a data breach.

By implementing a  Shred-it All Policy you will ensure all of your paper is disposed of properly.  What’s more, all the paper once shredded, is shipped to be recycled and all recycled paper is turned into everyday paper products.

2. Proper Disposal of Electronic Devices

As Shred-it’s 2019 Data Protection Report found, only 37% of SBOs who have policies for disposing of and safely destroying end-of-life electronic devices actually follow them. Disposing of electronics and storage can often be risky and should be done by a professional document destruction company that is committed to sustainable best practices. Without taking the proper precautions, your data can not only be compromised, but can also have greater negative impact on the environment.  

Thankfully Shred-it employs proprietary technology and procedures that exceed industry standards to destroy your organization’s hard drives and electronic devices. But it doesn’t end there, with Shred-it, your electronics are securely recycled with approved local partners to reduce your carbon footprint.

3. Know What to Shred

Even if your company employs the best environmental practices and data protection policies, it is important to know what products you and your employees should be shredding in order to reduce your company’s risk of a data breach risk as much as possible.  As our 2019 Data Protection Report confirmed, human error continues to be the leading cause of all data breaches, so it’s important to have a good understanding of what documents should be shred. Documents like contracts, payroll statements, training manuals and budgets should all be destroyed properly.

With this said, it can be confusing when deciding whether a document should be shred. By implementing a Shred-it All Policy at your workplace, you ensure that all documents are shred - that way, all information remains confidential and it takes the guess work out of what and what not to shred.

Protest the Environment and Your Data Today

To learn more about how Shred-it can protect your documents and the environment, please contact us  to get a free quote and security risk assessment.