Onsite & Mobile Shredding


With the average security breach costing business $5.4 million in fees and lost revenue, you can't afford to take the chance your documents will end up in the wrong hands. Shred-it has a range of shredding services to meet your daily or occasional need to safely dispose of unwanted or outdated information.

Regularly Scheduled Service

Ideal for:

  • Day to day protection of all your sensitive documents

Service Includes:

  • Secure, locked consoles in your office
  • Regularly scheduled pick-ups by uniformed, security-screened personnel
  • On site cross-cut shredding in our locked trucks
  • Multiple shred sizes
  • Secure Chain-of-Custody
  • Certificate of Destruction

One-Time Service

Ideal for:

  • Large volumes or periodic clean outs

Service Includes:

  • Pick-up at your office by uniformed, security-screened personnel
  • Flexible on site or plant-based shredding to suit your needs
  •  Drop-off options for residential clients with smaller volumes
  • Secure Chain-of-Custody
  • Certificate of Destruction

Shred-it's proprietary cross-cut shredding technology turns your sensitive paperwork into confetti-sized pieces ranging from less than an inch to as small as an eighth of an inch giving you peace of mind knowing your confidential documents can't be reproduced or recreated.  

In addition to on site shredding services, we also offer scheduling flexibility with our plant-based shredding services. This off site service is ideal for customers who need rapid destruction of large volumes or when there's no secure place for our trucks to access your facility.  You still get the same peace of mind knowing documents are never sorted before shredding, there's a secure chain-of-custody from pick-up to the time they are destroyed, and a certificate of destruction is produced when the shredding is complete.

With 25 years of experience, we have the expertise, technology, policies and processes you need to ensure secure disposal of your confidential information, in complete compliance with privacy regulations ... now that's peace of mind.

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