Newport News Paper Shredding and Hard Drive Destruction 

Providing services from Norfolk to Virginia Beach, and Hampton, and everywhere in between.

Providing Document Destruction and Information Security Services in Newport News

From Norfolk to Virginia Beach, and Hampton, and the surrounding areas, Shred-it Newport News's integrated suite of Products and Services—including Secure Document DestructionHard Drive Destruction and Workplace Security Policies, all delivered through our Secure Chain of Custody—are designed to protect your workplace security every single day. Your revenues, your reputation, your people and your success depend on it.

We protect what matters.SM

How to get our shredding services in Newport News?


Get a customized quote for the services you need.


Choose when and where you want your service.


We arrive on the scheduled date, collect your confidential information, and securely destroy it.


All services come with a Certificate of Destruction for your records. All destroyed paper is 100% securely recycled.

2- or 5-day One-Time Shredding

With our Express and Priority services, we are committed to providing you the same high level of customer service and security – just faster, so we’re there when you need us.

Mobile Shredding Service

Mobile shredding offers customers the same safe, end-to-end secure Chain of Custody as our off-site services while still at your location.

Regularly Scheduled Paper Shredding

Protect your information end-toend using our secure containers paired with scheduled service.


Hard Drive Destruction

Confidential information can be found on more than paper; Shred-it has solutions for harddrive and media destruction.


Buy Your One-Time Shredding Online Now

A fast and easy option to purchase your One-Time Shredding service online and on your schedule. Get started immediately. 

Why Choose Shred-it for Newport News paper shredding?

Service Reliability

With the largest shredding fleet  and the largest service footprint in North America, we are where you are.

Security Expertise

With the most NAID AAA certified mobile/on-site and plant-based facilities, we keep your information safe. 

Customer Experience

With the largest shredding fleet  and the largest service footprint in North America, we are where you are.

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All services come with a Certificate of Destruction and is NAID AAA certified. Material is securely recycled, reducing your carbon footprint.