Community Shred-it Event Resources

Resources available exclusively for our shred event customers.

Thank you for sponsoring the Community Shred-it Event. To help you organize and promote your upcoming shred event, we are providing helpful resources and marketing materials. Resources include pre-built flyers and templates that are customizable to make them personal to your business. Personalizing your flyers and messages will help increase foot traffic at your event and can increase your business’s goodwill in your community.

Event Host Package
Guidelines to promote your shred event to the public.

Event Venue Map

Office/Community Promotional Flyer

What to Shred Checklist/What Not to Shred Checklist

After the paper has been securely shredded into confetti-sized pieces at your event, 100% of the paper will be recycled. You will be receiving a certificate of destruction as your proof of service.

A certificate of destruction is issues to each customer.

Shredded paper is transported to a paper mill for recycling.

Pulp is made as the fibers of the shredded paper are separated.

The pulp is put through a screening process that filters out impurities and prepares it for the removal of printing ink.

The newly recycled pulp is mixed with fresh pulp to manufacture new paper products. 

For marketing requests, please contact us at, and for all other questions, please reach out to your sales representative.