Scheduled Paper Shredding With ProtectPLUS Benefits

For large volume ongoing shredding needs at your schedule. Our enhanced scheduled shredding now comes with access to privacy and information security policies, trainings, and resources to help keep your business protected. 

Document Destruction with ProtectPLUSSM Policy Templates and Trainings - Your All-Inclusive Information Security Service

Information security is complex and when it’s not done right, you can be vulnerable to serious risks. Our unique service offerings and preventative measures can help you simplify and improve your information security practices. 

Regularly Scheduled Shredding

Document destruction on a recurring basis from locked bins installed in your office to help ensure physical information security.  

Interactive Training Modules 

Educate employees on privacy and security risks with self-paced and interactive trainings.  

Customizable Policy Templates 

Implement privacy and information security protocols with policies tailored to your organization. 

Flexible Service Options 

Custom build your package by selecting  your preferred service level, frequency, bin size, and destruction method. 

Simplified Monthly Billing 

Subscription-based pricing provides consistent invoices for simple budget predictability. 

Customer Portal Access 

Manage account, scheduling, and invoices easily through our Customer Portal. 

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Join the leading organizations that choose Shred-it to provide trusted document destruction, information security, and help enable compliance.

How does Scheduled Shredding work? 

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Contact Us

Fill out this form to discuss your service needs and schedule the installation of locked Shred-it bins for your office.  

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Recurring Service

Based on your business hours and schedule, we arrive and scan containers at pick-up to confirm documents have been collected for destruction.  

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Secure Destruction

Following NAID AAA-certified processes, documents are shredded on-site or transported in GPS-equipped vehicles and stored at our secure facilities prior to destruction. 

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Proof of Service 

A Proof of Service Certificate is provided after every material pick up to acknowledge that your documents have been collected for secure destruction.

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Recycling & Sustainability  

Shredded paper is provided to paper mills for recycling and repurposing, supporting sustainability goals without compromising data security. 

Which Shred-it ProtectPLUS Service Level Best Suits Your Needs?  


Highest level of information security resources with document destruction

  • Full access to all information security trainings and policy templates paired with recurring shredding to help ensure compliance and protect your business from penalties 
  • Provides resources on various data protection topics and courses on U.S. and Canada privacy laws and regulations  
  • Recommended for businesses that handle sensitive information and are legally required to comply with U.S. and international privacy laws and regulations (GDPR, CCPA, CPRA) 


Enhanced information security resources with document destruction

  • Select package of information security trainings and policy templates paired with recurring shredding to improve your physical and cyber security practices  

  • Provides resources on highly important information security and data protection topics including Cybersecurity and Data Breach Prevention

  • Recommended for businesses that handle and store the following data on a frequent basis: Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Protected Health Information (PHI), payment and financial information, and other information intended for internal use only


Fundamental information security resources with document destruction

  • Scheduled paper shredding with access to supplementary policy templates and training modules to help enhance information security and confidentiality  
  • Provides introductory information security resources for your workforce and physical document destruction  
  • Recommended for businesses that handle and store the following data at any point: Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Protected Health Information (PHI), payment and financial information, and other information intended for internal use only 

Learn more about our policy templates and trainings included with ProtectPLUS.

Shred-it's Secure Containers: Efficient, Durable, and Flexible

Desk Container

18 Gallon

26”H x 12”W x 19-5/8”D
1.6 ft2

Standard Container

32 Gallon

36”H x 20-1/2”W x 16”D
2.3 ft2

65 Gallon Tote

with High Security Lid

46”H x 24.5”Wx 27.5”D
4.7 ft2

95 Gallon Tote

with High Security Lid

48”H x 25”W x 34.2”D
5.9 ft2

Why Shred-it?

With over 30 years of experience in the information destruction industry, Shred-it is trusted by customers worldwide. We make document security easy.  

Choosing the right partner 

90% of data security consumers and 74% of small business leaders surveyed are concerned about experiencing a data breach.1

Don’t wait for a data breach to occur. Be proactive, let Shred-it help protect your information.  

1. Shred-it, Data Protection Report 2023 

  • National footprint with local service and over 400,000 customers  

  • 20+ years NAID AAA certified in document destruction  

  • GPS-equipped vehicles, cross-cut technology, and storage at secure facilities as security protocols

  • Professionally trained and extensively vetted representatives

  • Proof of Service (also referred to as Certificate of Destruction) provided upon service completion for your records

  • Completely customizable service options to meet your exact needs

  • Paper is repurposed and recycled supporting sustainability without compromising data security

Frequently Asked Questions

We can shred just about anything, but we mostly shred paper. Any document with sensitive information that you don’t want to fall in wrong hands, is due for shredding. This includes payroll slips, old tax returns, invoices & receipts and more. Here’s a list of what to shred to help you choose the right documents to dispose.

After the paper has been securely shredded, the confetti-sized pieces are bundled and recycled into paper products.

Free shredding is a misconception. Some providers may offer you the cost savings, but they do so at the expense of your security, by cutting corners and exposing your confidential information. At Shred-it, we offer a Secure Chain of Custody with our services, from start to finish. So you know you’re always protected.

Two policies that can be effective in document management are a clean desk policy and a shred-it-all policy. A clean desk policy helps ensure physical documents are shredded or contained and that all technological devices are password protected each time an employee leaves a workspace. A shred-it-all policy encourages the regular destruction of all documents to help ensure no confidential information is left out in the open that could potentially fall into the wrong hands.

Shred any document containing sensitive information, such as bank statements, credit card offers, tax returns, and personal identification information. If your business manages a lot of customer information (i.e. addresses, account details, contact information, pricing, etc.), our Regularly Scheduled Shredding Service would be recommended to protect their privacy.

Using a professional shredding service like Shred-it is more secure and efficient than shredding documents yourself. We make sure that your information stays secure, and most importantly, compliant with industry standards.

Professional shredding service costs vary depending on the amount of paper being shredded and the level of security required and the type of service chosen. Give us a call and we’ll help you with an accurate shredding quote for your needs.

Throwing papers in the trash or recycling bins does not protect the confidentiality of the information in the documents because they are often left unattended in the workplace. Malicious insiders can take documents out of the bins when no one is looking. Malicious outsiders or dumpster divers can sift through trash once discarded. This way of disposal can pose a risk of a data breach occurring.

Shred-it’s 2023 Data Protection Report found that more than 90% of small business leaders (SBLs) surveyed believe that data and information protection and compliance trainings are an essential security practice. However, 71% of SBLs surveyed fear that their employees don’t know what actions to take if a data breach occurs. It’s extremely important to get access to adequate trainings and policies.

According to Shred-it’s 2023 Data Protection Report, 67% of SBLs surveyed are overwhelmed at the thought of changing procedures to meet existing regulations. There is a fear about not being able to keep up. Roughly half do not currently have third-party partners to manage sensitive data and information, but 87% are likely to work with a subcontractor in the future. Almost all of those who do use a third-party partner feel their partnerships are deeply valuable. Most desire support for their digital and/or physical data protection needs, which isn’t surprising given the many stresses faced by small businesses.

Need a one-time bulk clean out? 

For businesses or individuals that have large volumes of paper to purge, we offer one-time paper shredding to service occasional clean-outs.