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Shred-it Fraud Risk Quiz

Understanding the impact of a data breach is a critical first step in mitigating information security threats. Complete the Fraud Risk Quiz to evaluate your organization’s information security protocols and procedures to ensure you are protecting yourself against the costly impact of an information security breach.

Does your business...
Train employees on security policies and procedures that specifically address mobile/remote work environments?

Conduct regular (semi-annual or more often) refresher training so employees stay on top of data security best practices, including privacy laws in your industry?

Require employees to follow Clean Desk policy guidelines, which require desks to be kept clear and confidential documents to never be left out in the open when employees are away from their desk for an extended period of time, or at the end of day?

Remove and physically destroy the hard drives from all digital devices including laptops, photocopiers, scanners and computers, before the device is resold, recycled or disposed?

Have policies in place and perform regular information security audits to ensure that employees are following information security policies and procedures?

Have a Shred-it All or similar policy, which stipulates that all documents are destroyed when they’re no longer needed, prior to disposal/recycling?

Encrypt smartphones, tablets, laptops and other digital devices so that data is secured even if the phone is lost and recovered by someone outside the company?

Have an incident response plan in place in order to respond swiftly if a data breach occurs?

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