December 27, 2017

Reduce Security Risks with a Remote Working Security Policy

In the last several years, remote work has grown in popularity. But as the result of the Coronavirus pandemic, millions of workers have transitioned from an office to working from home, and in some case even converting an area of their home for long-term remote working.

Remote Work Best Practices

    While working from home can create a better work life balance, increase productivity and save time and money, employees working remotely for an extended period can increase the risk of a security breach for a company. Take these steps to ensure a secure remote workface.

    1. Prepare Guidelines for Remote Work

      Have a clear work from home policy, as well as the secure destruction of confidential information that is produced while working off-site.

      2. Train Your Employees How to Maintain Security While Working Remotely

        Train employees on the best practices in secure information management and destruction. Ensure all employees understand what constitutes confidential information and the consequences to the business if a data breach were to occur.

        3. Limit Access to Confidential Data to Protect Company Data

          Check that employees have the right access to the right files on a need-to-know basis, especially for remote work.

          4. Secure Digital Devices

            Ensure that all files, laptops and internet connections are password-protected with a secure password and that security settings and firewalls are activated. Protecting your digital records is just as important as protecting your physical documents.

            5. Secure Remote Work with Lockable Cabinet

              Consider consolidating all paperwork and keeping it in a lockable cabinet, or at a minimum collected in a bag, until you have the opportunity to securely dispose of the documents at work.

              6. Protect Paper Documents

                Ensure that employees who work remote return any paper documents to the office, either for secure storage or secure destruction.

                7. Secure Drop Off

                  For convenient and secure shredding, find out if there is a Secure Drop Off Service available in your area.

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