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Protect the confidential information of your students and your employees with state-of-the-art paper shredding and electronic media destruction from the leader in information destruction and workplace privacy.

As an educational body, you create, collect, and store an enormous amount of personal and private information. And while we live in modern times where a great deal of that information is digital, not all of it stays that way. Although report cards are collected and built in the digital space, hard copies are often printed and distributed in the physical world. While job applications and performance reviews are often stored digitally, hard copies are commonly printed for review and reference.

Protecting the personal identifiable information (PII) of your students, your teachers, and your administrative personnel is not only good business practice, it’s a highly-regulated requirement for everyone working in the education sector.

Protect your students. Protect your employees. Get Shred-it.

Education was hit hard last year.

More than
education sector breaches
reported nationwide

Breach Level Index, 2017.

of all breaches affected the education sector

Breach Level Index, 2017.

In excess of
records stolen,
primarily identity theft

Breach Level Index, 2017.

The average cost of
a data breach now exceeds

Ponemon Institute. 2017

“We have state-of-the-art security. It can’t happen to us”

Education sector investments in digital security are on the rise but, caught between funding challenges and the often-complex requirements for digital security, not all educational institutions are yet cyber-proof.

Just as importantly, much of what educators create, collect, and distribute, exists briefly in the real world, at some point in their existence; drafts of report cards, class contact lists, or personnel documents like resumes and performance reviews, exist on paper at some point. And in the wrong hands, that information can easily lead to a breach, fraud, and identity theft.

Over 28% of information breaches are caused by employee error or negligence.3

Many information breaches happen, not just because of inferior firewalls or weak passwords, not because of malicious hacks or cyber attacks, but because of employee error, negligence, or poor judgement!

So, there is no point investing in your digital security, if you overlook the reams of paper your organization prints annually. A firewall or a password won’t stop someone from taking sensitive information from your trash or recycling bin.
recycle bin

Learn to recognize the risks.

For educational institutions, whether you are an elementary school or an internationally known university or college, it’s safe to assume that most documents you or your employees handle, contain some form of confidential and sensitive information.

If you create, collect, or dispose of these types of documents, you and your organization could be at-risk for an information breach ––

  • PII student information
  • Class lists and emergency contact numbers
  • Civil Rights Data
  • State ED Data
  • Financial Assistance Applications
  • Business Financial Statements
  • Tax Filings and Internal Audits
  • Development Plans and Forecasts
  • Employee Addresses and Social Security Numbers
  • HR Records

Protecting your confidential information isn’t just good business, it’s the law!

Like most industries that work with private and confidential information, the insurance sector is heavily regulated and governed. And laws designed to protect identities, medical information, financial data, and personal privacy come with strict rules – and strong fines for violating them. We can help you stay compliant.

Here are just a few of the key Federal, State, and Local information security laws that require privacy compliance:

We know the relevant legislation. We can help you stay compliant.

Protecting your confidential information isn’t just good business, it’s the law!

Services we typically recommend for the Education Sector.

  • One Time Shredding

    service to clear-out the clutter that always builds up
  • Specialty Shredding

    service makes sure that your brand is protected by destroying everything from old uniforms to corporate promotional items
1 Breach Level Index, 2017.
2 Cost of a Data Breach. Ponemon Institute. 2017


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