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Data Security Trends Among Hotels

Seventy percent of hospitality employees work remotely, putting the industry ahead of the curve in terms of where work trends are going and what employees want.

Shred-it’s 2020 Data Protection Report reveals more than six in 10 (64%) hospitality executives admit they believe the risk of a data breach is higher when their employees work remotely compared to when they work on-site. To safely maintain a largely remote workforce, hospitality companies should establish more rigorous training and monitoring measures to ensure the training is effective.

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Learn more about how American hoteliers feel about information security threats.

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How Hospitality Business Owners View Information Security

Most hospitality companies are aware breaches could cost them customers, but over 42% believe the threat of data breaches is overblown.


of hospitality business owners say they’d expect customers to lose trust if there was a data breach


do not have a cyber insurance plan or policy in the event a data breach occurs

Data Security Trends by Industry

Learn more about the information security trends in other industries.


Financial Services




Information Security Findings

This year, Shred-it’s Data Protection Report highlights key information security findings, and shares insights to help C-suites and SBOs be better informed on data protection issues and better protected from the threat of data breaches.

Data Breaches

Discover what businesses believe to be the biggest threat to information security and how it impacts reputation.

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Read more about how proper employee training mitigates potential threats to information security.

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Learn how policy enforcement helps protect against threats to information security. 

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Emerging Trends

Find out how emerging trends are impacting information security.

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About the Data Protection Study & Report
In its 10th year, this survey identifies the insights, opinions and best practices of data protection among small business owners (SBOs), C-suite executives (C-suites) and members of the public at large from across the country to help Americans better navigate this changing privacy landscape. The goal is to uncover – and quantify – both the risks and opportunities American businesses and consumers face, including the upsides and downsides of mishandling data and/or being breached.

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