Vulnerable Small Businesses Risk Losing More than Just Money

The 2023 Data Protection Report Reveals Nearly 8 in 10 Small Business Leaders Are Anxious About Their Company's Sensitive Data

Almost all (94%) individual consumers surveyed said they are concerned about future data breaches. 

The cost of data breaches to all businesses is at its highest level ever, with an average cost of more than $4.4M globally, more than $5.1M in Canada, and more than $9.4M in the U.S. This financial impact could cripple a small business as they face potential regulatory actions and fines, legal fees and the loss of   customers.  . The 2023 Data Protection Report (DPR) reveals critical insights on the challenges small business leaders (SBLs) face and recommendations to improve data security practices. 

Read the report to:

  • Uncover digital and physical security risks facing small businesses
  • Understand the ramifications of data breaches to business brands and reputations
  • Access valuable recommendations to address information security deficiencies
  • Learn the importance of employee training and education in mitigating data security risk

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