Welcome to the Stericycle Family

We are very pleased to have you as a Shred-it customer.

Having regular document destruction means you’ve already taken an essential step in protecting your business from the risks of an information breach, and we’re here to help! Thank you for choosing our Shred-it service to help you protect what matters – your confidential information, trusted relationships, and brand reputation.  

On this page you will find helpful information and complimentary resources to help you and your employees keep your confidential business information secure. Feel free to share the content on this page with your employees, and we recommend bookmarking the page for future reference.

Employee Awareness and Education

Keeping your workplace secure starts with ensuring your employees know about your document destruction program, what to shred, and the risks to be aware of in your workplace. Below you will find customizable templates to help bring awareness and inform employees on what to expect with your shredding service:

  • Sample Email Template – paste this text into an email and send it to employees to introduce your new Shred-it service.
  • Shred Email Attachment – share this PDF with employees via email and post near Shred-it containers to educate them on what does and does not go in the bin.
  • Security Awareness – hang these posters in common areas to keep information security top of mind and so employees can spot the risks.

Workplace Privacy Policies

When the rules around document management are clear and easy to understand, your employees will become your best resource for keeping your information secure. The complimentary policies below will help your organization build an effective and reliable information security culture. Each document can be customized for your workplace and comes with instructions for easy implementation and an employee awareness poster.

  • Document Management Policy - outlines how employees should safeguard documents from creation to destruction.
  • Clean Desk Policy - gives employees an easy-to-follow protocol for managing their workspace and keeping confidential documents secure.
  • Shred-it All Policy - takes the guesswork out of document management. With this policy, employees don’t need to choose between the trash can and the recycling bin: everything goes into your secure Shred-it containers.
  • Remote Work Policy - creates a framework for the precautions employees should take to keep information security a priority when working off-site.

MyShredit.com Registration

Through MyShredit.com, you have flexibility and control over your account and services. Register your myshredit.com account and explore the following features:

  • Online bill pay site where you can choose to go paperless and set up recurring payments through your online portal.
  • Request schedule changes or additional services.
  • Access documents to help you stay secure.

Protecting the health and well-being of your business by ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of your employees and customers is our number one priority. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your Shred-it service, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1.800.697.4733.