Securing your information

  • 5 Document Management Best Practices

    Posted  June 06, 2014  by  Shred-it

    Today, every organization, no matter how large or small, has a responsibility to manage the information it handles in a secure and organized way. While a comprehensive document management program protects information from a catastrophe or disaster, it also minimizes the risk of a data breach and facilitates smooth sailing in day-to-day operations. Read more...


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  • What Every Business Needs to Know about Information Security

    Posted  June 04, 2014  by  Shred-it

    With data breach incidents reaching new heights every year, this ‘process’ of information security needs to be an integral part of running a business. Of course, as a key component of privacy legislation and compliance standards, protecting private information is also the law. So what should it look like in the workplace? Read more...

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