June 05, 2018

7 Reasons Why You Should Schedule a One-time Clean-Out

Keeping a home office clean and clutter-free will create a better working and living environment – and significantly reduce the risk of a data breach.

Exposed and stolen personal or confidential information can lead to identity theft and other crimes. A record 16.7 million Americans were victims of identity theft in 2017, according to a Javelin survey.

Small businesses are increasingly being targeted by information thieves too. The 2018 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report showed that 61% of total breaches hit small businesses. A cyber attack is reported to cost a small business between $84,000 and $148,000, according to UPS Capital research.

7 Reasons to Schedule a One-Time Shredding Service

Old Electronics Pose Risks to Data Security

As devices age and are replaced, many people stockpile the old equipment. But keeping – or recycling – equipment increases the risk of a data breach because confidential data remains on hard drives and can be stolen. Secure destruction of desktop computers and mobile devices, CD drives, and other storage devices, is the only way to ensure that all data is 100% destroyed.

Unnecessary Documents Cause Clutter in the Workplace

Letting documents pile up means information is not organized and filed for easy retrieval. A document management system will help but it’s also important to cull documents regularly so you’re not keeping anything you don’t have to. Commit to a Clean Desk Policy so employee desks get tidied at the end of every day.

Clutter Makes it Difficult to Concentrate on Work

Earlier research has shown that clutter is distracting, and that makes it tough to focus on just one task. Decluttering will make the home feel less busy, and that will help to provide a more calm environment overall.

Workplace Clutter is Stressful for Employees

Clutter is stressful, and removing it will make a difference. Streamlined and tidy areas are nicer to look at and live in, and really do help to reduce feelings of stress.  

Digital Clutter Hinders Computer Performance

Digital clutter can be one of the reasons why a hard drive isn’t operating at its best. Also, an overflowing inbox can make it difficult to navigate. Use a folder system for files, and delete anything that is duplicated or you don’t need.

Boxes of Papers and Old Devices Pose Health and Safety Issues

Papers that have been lying around for a long time can get moldy and cause health issues; plus, there are costs associated with properly cleaning affected areas. Boxes of papers or stacked devices can also be a safety risk creating a fire hazard and even causing accidents if boxes fall over when someone is trying to navigate a cluttered hallway.  

Professional Shredding Companies Offer a Certificate of Destruction

If you have a home business, there are privacy laws and legislation that dictate confidential data must be securely destroyed once it is no longer needed. Most office shredding machines produce easily-reassembled pieces, and there’s no proof data has been destroyed. A professional document destruction company will issue an official Certificate of Destruction after every shred whether paper documents are shredded or digital data is destroyed.

Start Protecting Your Business

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