Recycling & Sustainability: 3 Key Ways to Keep Information Secure While Remaining Eco-friendly

Posted  September 10, 2019  by  Shred-it

Climate change and corporate social responsibility initiatives are constantly making news headlines around the world. But did you know that you can prioritize information security while remaining committed to the environment? With the summer behind us, Shred-it is providing you with 3 key ways to support sustainability while not compromising your information security protocols this fall. 

1. Make recycling and sustainability part of your corporate culture. 

Today, every organization and individual must do their part to protect the environment. Depending on where your business is located, it’s important to do your due diligence and learn what recycling services are provided in your municipality. An important component of making recycling and sustainability a part of your corporate culture is choosing to work with partners  that are committed to CSR and sustainable initiatives, such as Shred-it. In 2018 Shred-it recycled 1.5 billion pounds of paper alone. 

Part of this selection process involves partnering with a reliable document destruction company that not only has a secure chain of custody for emptying and transporting paper documents, but also sends securely destroyed documents for recycling.

2. Don’t neglect digital documents 

It’s important to encourage all employees, regardless of their position, to safely destroy electronic devices as well. Rather than having old computers, USB sticks and hard drives lying around the office, employees should be instructed to safely destroy these devices with a professional document destruction company that is committed to sustainable best practices. 

An easy way to make sure that information security is not neglected, is to implement a Shred-it all Policy that requires all information no longer needed to be securely destroyed. Our 2019 Data Protection Report confirmed that human error is the leading cause of all data breaches. Removing human error from the equation will reduce the risk of a data breach from occurring with both physical and digital documents. 

3. Reduce the amount of paper used 

Although it is impossible to be 100% paper free, there are simple ways that employees can switch to digital. For example, instead of faxing documents, employees should be encouraged to send PDFs by email. Workplaces can also encourage employees to use digital signature software and eliminate the need to print documents to sign. 

For more tips on how to improve secure data recycling and sustainability, please visit the Shred-it Resource Center. 

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