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Document Security

  • Document Destruction: The Secure Lifecycle of a Document

    Posted  July 04, 2014  by  Jenny Green

    While recycling paper is an important part of a sustainability program, leaving confidential information exposed in an open recycling bin increases the risk of a data breach. Here’s a guide to the secure lifecycle of a document in the workplace. It includes a disposal policy where all paper is securely shredded and then recycled.

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  • How to Implement a Clean Desk Policy

    Posted  June 25, 2014  by  Lynn Brown

    Over the years, there have been different arguments made for and against a clean desk policy in the workplace. Some people say it stifles creativity, and de-personalizes the workplace. Others say it relays an air of competence to outsiders, and helps make all employees feel more organized. But the most important reason today for a clean desk policy is information security – and there’s no argument there. Read more....

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  • 8 Reasons Why Shredding Service Providers Trump In-House Shredding Every Time

    Posted  June 11, 2014  by  Lynn Brown

    There’s no question that to reduce the risk of a data breach and to comply with privacy laws, a workplace has to destroy sensitive information when it is no longer needed – and shredding is the best method of destruction. But should a workplace out-source shredding services or use an in-house shredding machine? Read more...

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  • 5 Document Management Best Practices

    Posted  June 06, 2014  by  Lynn Brown

    Today, every organization, no matter how large or small, has a responsibility to manage the information it handles in a secure and organized way. While a comprehensive document management program protects information from a catastrophe or disaster, it also minimizes the risk of a data breach and facilitates smooth sailing in day-to-day operations. Read more...


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