8 Reasons Why Shredding Service Providers Trump In-House Shredding Every Time

Posted  June 11, 2014  by  Shred-it

There’s no question that to reduce the risk of a data breach and to comply with privacy laws, a workplace has to destroy sensitive information when it is no longer needed – and shredding is the best method of destruction.

But should a workplace out-source shredding services or use an in-house shredding machine?

Here are 8 reasons why many experts say outsourcing document shredding is the most secure and effective way to go.

  1. Security: An office shredding machine can’t come close to the secure shredding services provided by third-party shredding companies. An in-house shredder is often placed in a corner in the office, and an employee has to feed the machine, one page at a time. Conversely, a professional shredding company provides a secure chain of custody from locked consoles for document storage to secure removal of documents by a trained security professional.
  2. Guaranteed Destruction: Most in-house shredding machines cut documents into vertical strips, which can be reassembled, and increase the risk of a data breach. Professional shredding companies use cross-cut shredder equipment, which turns documents into confetti-like pieces that cannot be put back together again. Many shredding services offer a variety of shredding options.  
  3. Record: The Certificate of Destruction can be useful if a business is asked to provide proof that their confidential information was securely destroyed.   
  4. Convenience: A document destruction company looks after everything so that all employees have to do is insert documents into the locked storage bins. The company will remove the documents with little office disruption and securely shred them. Experts suggest introducing a Shred-All Policy too, so that employees don’t have to decide what is or isn't confidential and all documents that are no longer needed are put into the locked bins and destroyed. On the flipside, in-house shredding is often not regularly scheduled nor carefully managed. Also, compared to shredding services, an office shredder can be noisy, messy, and time-consuming and require the operator to package shredded materials for recycling.

  5. Cost–Savings: Compared to the fees for secure shredding services, an office shredding machine can be costly and there are on-going maintenance and repair costs. Also, employees have to take time from their regular work to shred documents. There’s also an increased risk of a data breach.   
  6. Time: A shredding service uses industrial grade shredders that can handle large quantities quickly. Conversely, an office shredder represents a tedious, time-consuming job, which might result in employees not prioritizing the shredding task – which increases the risk of a breach across the board.       
  7. Strength: An industrial shredder can handle just about anything including staples, binders and paperclips; also, CDs, videotapes, DVDs, and microfiche. On the flipside, with an office shredder, employees will have to remove staples, etc., and separate documents into individual sheets of paper – or risk damaging the machine.   
  8. Hard Drives: Destruction is the only 100% secure way to permanently destroy data on hard drives too. Most shredding companies provide hard drive destruction.

Learn why outsourcing shredding services is more secure and efficient

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