Start the New Year Fresh: Happy Clean Off Your Desk Day!

Posted  January 11, 2021  by  Shred-it

The holidays have passed and 2021 is finally here. What better way to celebrate and prepare for the new year than to start with a clean slate?
Beyond being a great way to keep data security top of mind, studies have shown the positive psychological impact a clean work environment can have on professional performance. From better morale in the workplace to more efficient workflow and even higher levels of personal satisfaction, it’s amazing how effective something as simple as a clean desk can be for fostering a successfully run business.

How to Participate in National Clean Your Desk Day

With research showing that a tidy space equals a tidy mind, it’s a great idea to celebrate Clean Off Your Desk Day on January 11th by decluttering your surroundings. Make it easy with the following steps and learn why you should consider keeping a clean desk year-round:
  1. Organize and evaluate. Collect all the documents in your workspace and review each one’s purpose. Is the document still relevant? Will you need to reference this information to perform your role effectively?
  2. Destroy what you don’t need. Shred any documents that contain outdated or irrelevant information. We recommend a professional one-time shredding service to ensure everything is securely destroyed, giving you peace of mind that there is no chance of information falling into the wrong hands. Additionally, for smaller volumes of confidential documents and clutter a drop-off shredding service may be more optimal.
  3. Clean up digital information. Decluttering your workspace extends to your electronics, too. Collect and review all hard drives, USB keys and laptops and make sure information is either completely deleted and destroyed or securely filed away. If you’re not sure what to do with end-of-life electronics, we recommend finding a local hard drive destruction service near you.
  4. Set aside anything with sensitive information. Set aside any data that contains confidential information to ensure it is either safely filed away or securely destroyed. When in doubt, adopt a Shred-it All policy.

Benefits of a Clean Desk

There are plenty of benefits for implementing a Clean Desk Policy in the workplace. Below are just a few to think about as you prepare for the year ahead:

Improved Data Security

According to Shred-it’s 2020 Data Protection Report, the most commonly reported cause of data breaches was human error. A tidy workspace, whether it be at home or in the office, can greatly reduce vulnerabilities.

Better Efficiency and Collaboration

By decluttering your office, you’ll only have relevant and important information available, reducing time wasted on searching for the right papers, notes and files. Less time wasted means more time on important projects and real priorities, which ultimately benefits you and your business. Better organization will also allow for easier, more seamless collaboration between team members.

Reduced Stress Levels

Have you ever looked at a cluttered mess and immediately felt overwhelmed? Studies have shown that our brains like order and find disorganization draining, reducing our ability to focus. Keeping your workspace clean and tidy can have a positive psychological impact and reduce your stress levels.

Increased Company Morale

Research has also shown people feel more relaxed, productive and focused when in a clean environment. With most of our daily hours spent working, organizations can optimize company morale by ensuring workspaces are in tip-top shape. A clean workspace also gives a positive impression to clients, instilling confidence and creating trust from the very start. 
The new year is filled with possibilities. Make sure you start 2021 on the right foot by celebrating Clean Off Your Desk Day and decluttering your workspace.

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