• Protecting Laptops Should Be a Business Priority: Here’s Why!

    Posted  July 22, 2014  by  Shred-it

    Stolen or lost laptops have become one of the most common business security incidents, according to the 2014 Data Breach Investigation Report by Verizon. But they’ve become one of the most expensive too. Huge non-compliance penalties totaling almost $2 million were slapped on two U.S. companies who had data breaches involving laptops. Here are ways to protect sensitive information on laptops and avoid costly data breaches.

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  • 5 Ways to Manage Smartphone Data Security in the Workplace

    Posted  June 27, 2014  by  Shred-it

    There’s no doubt about it – the business world is going mobile.The beauty of this trend is that with smartphones and other electronic devices connecting to business networks outside of the office, employees can pretty much work from anywhere, anytime. But, of course, it’s a double edged sword when it comes to information security...Read more

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