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  • U.S. Businesses Neglect a Major Information Security Risk

    New survey finds document security practices not measuring up to rise in paper use.

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  • Shred-it Announces Winner of Tenth Annual Good Riddance Day Contest

    Good Riddance Day helps Arlene Roberts let go of the past and embrace 2017

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  • Is your Business Fraud Proof? Shred-it Marks International Fraud Awareness Week with new Fraud Risk Quiz

    U.S. businesses lack awareness of the impacts of fraud in comparison to their global counterparts

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  • Say Goodbye to Unpleasant Memories from 2016 at the Tenth Annual Good Riddance Day Event

    Shred-it now accepting submissions for the 2016 Good Riddance Day contest

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  • Five Strategies to Help Companies Strengthen Information Security and Get Back to Business

    Employee training plays a critical role in the fight against fraud and data breaches

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  • An Increasingly Mobile Workforce Exposes US Businesses to Data Security Vulnerabilities

    Policies, training and protocols must keep pace to protect data used by remote workers

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  • Small Business Owners Can Overcome Data Anxiety in Five Easy Steps

    Shred-it celebrates National Small Business Week and helps small business owners overcome data anxiety.

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  • Shred-it Announces Winner of 2015 Good Riddance Day Contest

    Shred-it International, along with partners the Times Square Alliance and Countdown Entertainment, today announced that Maureen Dexter of Wenatchee, Washington is the winner of the 2015 Good Riddance Day Contest.

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