August 16, 2023

Shred-it® Shares Document Security Tips for “Seniors” Young and Old

Proper Information Security and Destruction is Essential for High School, College and Elderly Seniors Alike

BANNOCKBURN, Ill. – August 16, 2023: In advance of National Senior Citizens Day on August 21, 2023, and in conjunction with the back-to-school season, Shred-it®, a leading provider in information destruction, is sharing best practices  for personal document security to protect “seniors” young and old. As parents are preparing to safely send their children back to school, they may also have their own parents’ safety to consider. While certain seniors have financial aid and post-grad paperwork, other seniors have paperwork related to retirement, healthcare plans and more. These information-laden documents need to be kept in a secure place or properly shredded and destroyed, whether at home, in a dorm room, or at retirement facility. 

Many are unaware of the amount of information available and at risk when it comes to paper within the home. Junk mail, such as pre-approved credit card offers, ATM receipts, pay stubs and even invitations and save-the-dates all contain information that bad actors can use for identity theft or fraud. Shred-it® recommends a shred-it-all policy for the workplace and at home.

For seniors of all ages, Shred-it® recommends taking the following steps to properly protect and dispose of personal documents that are vulnerable to exposure.

  • Avoid leaving private information exposed: There are many ways to expose confidential data, ranging from leaving sensitive information sitting out on your desk to leaving your computer screen unattended in public. Securely store private information in locked cabinets to keep it safe.
  • Avoid using unsecured disposal bins: It is a common misconception that disposing of physical information in a regular trash can or recycling bin is a safe method. Shredding is one of the most secure ways to dispose of confidential information and to protect your data against malicious actors who may resort to dumpster diving for personal details. 
  • Use a professional shredder: Secure paper shredding is still necessary to securely dispose of confidential documents. Standard home office shredders aren’t as thorough in their destruction process, cutting paper into vertical or horizontal strips, which can be easily reassembled. Shred-it® is a NAID AAA Certified vendor that offers a variety of shredding services to meet your shredding needs and recycles the paper after.
  • Beware of fraudsters: Always be skeptical and verify the legitimacy of any person or business requesting personal information by checking phone numbers, addresses and official company sources, as well as speaking to a real customer service representative. In 2022, 2.7 million consumers reported fraud to the FTC. Imposters, online shopping and prizes/sweepstakes are the most popular scams today, but credit card fraud, unsolicited phone calls and phishing attacks are the most popular for seniors young and old.

Shred-it® is dedicated to offering document security solutions for high school, college and elderly seniors alike. As data protection requirements and information security best practices continue to evolve, Shred-it® works with businesses and communities to protect what matters. In 2022 alone, Shred-it® securely shredded and recycled 1 billion pounds of paper — safeguarding both confidential information and the environment. For more information on these solutions, including drop-off and one-time pickup, visit

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