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January 2018

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  • New Secure Beginnings

    Posted  January 24, 2018  by  Jenny Green

    In the flurry of cleaning and packing, comes the heightened risk of potential accidental data leaks and breaches. Documents and electronic devices can easily be overlooked or misplaced in the shuffle or thrown away in a non-secure manner. Learn how to protect your business with Shred-it.

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  • How to Keep Your Data Safe When You’re On A Business Trip

    Posted  January 18, 2018  by  Jenny Green

    Employees frequently bring along physical copies of confidential documents containing sensitive information on their trips and they might have the tendency to leave these documents lying around in their hotel room or conference rooms after a meeting. Let Shred-it help you protect your organisation with the right policies and procedures. 

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  • Auto-fill forms online – time savers or data security risks?

    Posted  January 03, 2018  by  Jenny Green

    The autofill feature will automatically populate forms and one would naturally assume that the information will be stored and handled in a secure manner. However, this is where there is a potential risk that leak could occur. Learn how to avoid these risks with Shred-it.

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