Protecting Confidential Information: A Human Resource Priority

Human Resources Professionals can protect their information security with our secure paper shredding and hard drive destruction services.HR2.PNG

Human Resources professionals are in a unique position that requires the protection and information security of both your organization AND your employees at the same time. You have the expertise, experience, and position to effect system-wide change and workplace privacy policies and practices in your organization. 

The risk of an information breach can come from anywhere in your organization. As the HR department, almost everything you collect, retain, or discard is confidential information. But so are documents found in Finance, Marketing, and Sales. If over 25% of breaches are caused by employee negligence and human error,1 then keeping confidential information confidential needs to be the responsibility of your entire organization.

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1 Cost of a Data Breach, North America, Ponemon Institute, 2016

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