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Protect your firm with document destruction service from the leader in information security.

Law firms are warehouses of confidential and private information. It’s a necessity of the profession. But with numerous high-profile breaches in recent years, how firms collect, store, and destroy that information is coming under increased scrutiny.1 And while many firms have taken strident and effective steps to safeguard their confidential information, many have not.

Protecting your law firm from the risk and penalties of an information security breach means more than just protecting your client’s documents. If you have financial reports, human resource forms, or payroll statements, your firm could be at-risk of fines, lost revenue, and the loss of reputation should any of your confidential information get into the wrong hands.

Protect your clients. Protect your practice. Get Shred-it.

When it comes to the risk of an information breach, no one is immune.

Up to


of surveyed law firms admitted they have had some type of information breach.

Source: American Bar Association, 2016 TechReport


of law firms breached reported a loss in billable hours.

Source: American Bar Association, 2016 TechReport


incurred hefty fees for correction.

Source: American Bar Association, 2016 TechReport


reported costs associated with replacement of office hardware/software.

Source: American Bar Association, 2016 TechReport

Up to 25% of information breaches are caused by employee error or negligence.2

It’s not just you that you have to worry about. In an industry that relies on privacy and confidentiality, the reality is that many information breaches happen not because of you but because of error, negligence or poor judgement of your employees!
You may be doing everything you can but one employee, casually dropping a deposition into recycling, can undo everything. With a quarter of your risk coming from inside, you need to ensure your partners, your clerks, your interns, and all other employees know how to identify, handle, and securely dispose of confidential information – whether that information belongs to your clients or your law firm. 

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“It won’t happen to us. We’re under the radar.”

In many ways, law firms are the perfect target.

Most, if not all, firms possess thousands of personally identifiable records, and in many instances, vast amounts of detailed personal information; whether that of their clients, employees, or parties and witnesses in litigation. How your information is collected, stored, handled, and destroyed can make-or-break your firm’s information security.

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"We were a bit nervous when we called Shred-it to empty our console and it was answered back east. We thought we lost that personal local relationship but the Reno office gave us phone numbers to get in touch with them. We have been completely happy with our years of working with Shred-it. We look forward to many more." McMahon Law Office LTD

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Learn to recognize the risks.

Most people fail to identify confidential information correctly. While obvious things like depositions or complainant filings are quickly flagged, equally common items like a non-disclosure agreements or demand letters might get missed.

If you create, collect, or dispose of these types of documents, you and your firm could be at-risk for an information breach.

  • Client Depositions
  • Client Financial Documents
  • Client Credit Reports
  • Discovery Documents
  • Police Reports
  • Demand Letters
  • Personal Financial Statements
  • Client Contracts
  • Witness Depositions
  • Plaintiff Statements
  • Bank Statements
  • Your Firm’s Financial Statements
  • HR Documents
  • Personal Records
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Services we typically recommend for Legal Professionals.

  • One Time Shredding

    service to clear-out the clutter that always builds up
  • Media Destruction

    service destroys information found on anything from a USB key to CD and tape recordings
“Hackers Breach Law Firms, Including Cravath and Weil Gotshal,” Wall Street Journal, March 2016
Cost of a Data Breach, Ponemon Institute, 2016

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