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We are the industry-best practice for paper shredding, document destruction, and workplace privacy.

When you are entrusted by the public to provide government services, you are entrusted to do everything you can to protect the confidentiality of their private information. And as a government organization, there are legislation and regulations, practices and procedures to help ensure the security of your information.

We can help take your privacy protection to the next level with world-class document and hard drive destruction services, and workplace privacy policies designed to help you and your colleagues keep private information out of the wrong hands.

With more than 500,000 customers, 19 countries, and 170 locations world-wide, Shred-it is the best-practice in information security and workplace privacy for government and government-funded organizations.

Wherever you do business, you’ll find Shred-it nearby.

There have been more than


government breaches in just the last 5 years.

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. Darkreading.com, 2016.

Up to


of information breaches are due to employee negligence or error.

Cost of a Data Breach, 2016. Ponemon Institute.

It is estimated that more than


records are lost or stolen every hour.

Breach Level Index, 2017, breachlevel.com

Shred-it document and hard drive destruction services are an integrated suite of services, policies, and practices designed to protect government organizations from the risks and penalties of an information breach.

Regularly scheduled service and one time shredding, coupled with training and policies, helps reduce your risk of an information breach and keeps you protected each and every day. When it comes to workplace privacy, Shred-it is the proven leader.

Why Shred-it is perfect for your organization.

Shred-it services have been designed and optimized to meet the complex and diverse needs of government organizations.

With a large, national footprint and multiple locations, we are where you are. We can provide you with a comprehensive information security solution to keep all of your confidential information secure, wherever it may be found.

Shred-it services for government and government-funded organizations include:

Customized planning expertise

Our dedicated team of security-screened, certified information security specialists will design a service plan to address the specific needs of your organization and ensure privacy law compliance.

Consistent service.

Whether you have locations around the block or multiple branches around the world, we have the geographic reach to support your organization with consistent, high-quality chain-of-custody service.

Cost savings.

By managing a single information security contract that supports all of your locations with multiple security products and services, you will save time and money.

Centralized support.

Our toll-free number connects you to your dedicated account team through a single point of contact. This team can also add and remove locations or change service levels immediately if ever your service requirements change.

Consolidated billing.

Our simplified invoicing provides a single, easy-to-read report of your service that can be customized to show the details you want to see, saving you unnecessary reconciliation time.

Management reports.

We provide you with your document and hard drive destruction data so that you can monitor and manage your service, including cost analysis by location or department.

Peace of Mind.

You can rest assured that you are partnering with an organization that Fortune 500 businesses, world security agencies, police forces, healthcare institutions and leading financial institutions have trusted with their sensitive information for decades.

Services we typically recommend Government organizations.

  • Document Destruction

    service on a regular schedule helps  keep you protected 24/7
  • Hard-Drive Destruction

    service ensures data from old computers or photocopiers is irretrievable; only physical destruction ensures the information is 100% irretrievable
  • Media Destruction

    service destroys information found on anything from USB keys to CD/DVD-ROM storage
  • One Time Shredding

    service to clear-out the clutter that always builds up when you need to keep records for a period of time
  • Specialty Shredding

    service makes sure that you are protected by destroying everything from old uniforms to departmental training manuals

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