Keeping hotel information confidential: your guests are counting on you.

Are you doing enough to protect their private information?

As one of the leading sources of data breaches worldwide, the Hotel and Hospitality industries have invested time and resources to protect against hacking and other digital risks. But one of the most obvious sources of confidential information is commonly overlooked: paper documents. From guest receipts and itineraries to boarding passes in the trash can, sensitive information that can lead to identity theft can readily be found if you’re looking for it.

Complement your cyber-security with world-class document destruction.

As the industry-leader in document destruction, we protect the confidential information of millions of guests and employees in thousands of hotels across North America. Protecting confidential information isn’t just a business best-practice, it’s also the law. From paper shredding to hard drive and electronic media destruction, let Shred-it help you protect your employees, your guests, and your reputation.

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1 2016 Trustwave Global Security report

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