2017 North America State of the Information Security Industry Report

The cost of fraud is continuing to grow, yet many businesses are not taking action to mitigate both physical and cyber security risks.

Download our report to learn about:

  • How to keep pace with changing security demands and evolving threats
  • Best practices for protecting both digital and physical data
  • Common security myths vs. facts 
  • Changes to privacy legislation, and how to be compliant

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Why choose Hard Drive Destruction?

If your media disposal process includes erasing, reformatting, wiping or degaussing your hard drives and not using a professional service, your customers and your company’s reputation are still vulnerable.
Hard drive disposal, including those from redundant computers, retired servers, unused flash drives and photocopiers is secure with Hard Drive Destruction Services.

  • Regularly scheduled pick-ups by information security trained specialists   2017-06-16-10_41_46-intro-harddrive-destruction-480w-jpg-(480×330)-(1).jpg
  • Our secure chain of custody processes
  • A certificate of media destruction after each service
  • All material is securely recycled

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