Beginning of summer brings out of offices and time away, are your employees prepared?

Posted  June 04, 2019  by  Shred-it


The summer months are nearly here and with the warmer weather comes increased vacation time. What you may not realize is that when employees work off-site, the risk of a data breach drastically increases. Findings from our 2018 Security Tracker confirm that both C-Suites (86%) and small business owners (60%) agree that the risk of a data breach is higher when employees work away from the office. 

In order to help mitigate this risk, Shred-it is reminding employers to implement a Remote Work Policy with these quick and easy steps. 

Before we review how to implement a Remote Work Policy at your workplace, it is important to understand what this policy is. A Remote Work Policy is a formal set of guidelines that explain the information security risks to employees when working off-site. The policy outlines preventative steps and tips that employees need to be mindful of and includes a staff protocol that explains what to do in the event a data breach. 

Here are five easy steps that will help you implement a Remote Work Policy at your workplace. 
  1. Talk to your Human Resource department and senior management team. Your place of employment might already have a policy in place that simply needs to be updated and communicated to staff members. 
  2. It is important to audit your organization and find out how many employees work remotely throughout the year. If your organization does not allow employees to work off-site, many organizations have open-office concepts and employees must be aware of similar data protection policies as a result.  
  3. Once you have made a business case to either implement or re-introduce this policy to staff members, you must develop a communications  plan in order to share this new and revised policy with all team members. It is important for employees to be continuously reminded of the risks of working off-site – and what to do about them - throughout the year. 
  4. Develop a breach notification system. In the unfortunate event of a data breach, it is important that all staff members understand what to do. It is essential that businesses act quickly to minimize the damage and take further preventative action. One breach has the potential to cost your business millions of dollars and risk serious reputational damage.
  5. Revisit the policy on a regular basis in order to confirm whether it needs adjustment or revision. With new technologies constantly emerging, combined with the increasingly mobile workplace, organizations should review this document every year in order to take the precautionary steps required. 

Employees are the key to a successful business. It is important for business leaders to ensure employees feel safe at their place of employment by providing them with the proper training as a preventative measure. To learn more about how Shred-it can protect your documents, please contact us to get a free quote and security risk assessment.  

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