Secure Product Destruction Services

Protecting more than paper

Confidential or proprietary information can be found in more than paper documents. What would happen if your outdated or rejected inventory, uniforms or even recalled products ended up in the wrong hands? While the items may seem to have no value, tossing them out could expose you to the threats of corporate espionage, identity theft, and fraud.

Shred-it's Secure Product Destruction Services can reduce your risks.

Ideal for:

  • Clothing including uniforms, gloves, and products
  • Medical materials including X-Rays, medical bracelets and blue wrap
  • Film, microfilm, microfiche and tape reels
  • Any electronics, hard drives, memory sticks and all related accessories [link to Hard Drive Destruction and IT asset disposition pages]
  • Binders, portfolios
  • Credit cards, loyalty cards
  • As well as almost anything else clients need to securely and permanently dispose of

Product Destruction Services include:

  • Pick up by specially trained, customer security representatives
  • Secure chain of custody handling procedures
  • Certificate of destruction detailing everything destroyed
  • All materials disposed of in an environmentally compliant way

Occupational fraud costs business $3.5 trillion worldwide and 49% of victims don't recover any losses. Security threats are on the rise around the world, and with confidential information lingering in places you might not consider, it’s a real challenge for businesses to protect themselves and their customers. The financial burden placed on a company following a security breach can be staggering so it's not worth the risk.

When cleaning out storage closets, make sure you’re not inadvertently compromising your security by throwing out something that could contain corporately sensitive information.

Working with proprietary technology and more than 25 years of experience, Shred-it can help you identify and securely destroy nearly any material, providing peace of mind that you’re protecting confidentiality, and complying with privacy regulations.

We’re here to help:

Shred-it helps 180,000 clients on five continents and across every industry sector to protect their sensitive information. We know how to keep private information private. We can help you too.

Save time by outsourcing your shredding.

Are you spending time and risking a security breach by handling your document destruction in-house? Start today.

Learn how to protect your reputation.

A security breach could irreparably harm your reputation leaving a permanent scar on your business. Read more.

Go green in your office and remain secure.

Your recycling program doesn't have to compromise business security. Learn more.

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About Shred-it
Shred-it specializes in providing tailored document destruction services that allow businesses to comply with legislation and ensure that the client, employee and confidential business information is kept secure at all times. Through our strict chain-of-custody processes, reliable on-time service and a global network of local service centers, Shred-it provides the most secure and efficient confidential information destruction service in the industry.

Shred-it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Stericycle, Inc.

100% NAID Certified

100% NAID Certified
North American Shred-it locations are NAID Certified for mobile document destruction, adhering to the stringent security practices and procedures established by the National Association for Information Destruction.