Greg Brophy

1963 – 2007
Founder Shred-it Document Destruction
Securit Records Management

In 1988, Greg Brophy’s passion for business and desire to create a highly successful enterprise led him to found Shred-it. As President and CEO, Mr. Brophy built Shred-it into one of the world’s leading on site document destruction companies.

Driven by his entrepreneurial spirit and vision, Mr. Brophy built a globally recognized company, where clients are highly valued and treated accordingly.

In 1993, Mr. Brophy expanded his business and launched a manufacturing division, now referred to as Securit Manufacturing Solutions (SMS). SMS manufactures security consoles and shredding trucks for Shred-it’s branches worldwide, and sells industrial shredding equipment to specialized markets.

In 2002, recognizing a need for enhanced information security services, Mr. Brophy expanded his business to include state of the art records management and storage facilities. Throughout Canada, Securit Records Management offers its customer's integrated records management and data protection solutions.

Today, Shred-it employs over 2,600 people at more than 140 locations throughout the world. Shred-it services more than 180,000 customers, including Fortune 500 companies, hospitals, banks and government departments and agencies.

Mr. Brophy held both a Master’s degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the Michael G. DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University, Ontario Canada.